As Danny misses another cut in Scotland he looks to friend Alan Smith for a boost. 
Read all about it here in Danny's exclusive diary by Shaun Custis of The Sun newspaper


Danny's Diary

Off to Switzerland this week and I'm well aware that after missing cuts at The Open, in Ireland and Scotland things have got to improve.

My mate Alan Smith, the Newcastle footballer who used to play for Manchester United has been on the phone to give me a bit of a gee up and I really appreciated that.

Smudger has had his ups and downs in the game but always tries to look on the positive side. He told me that if you are playing a sport you've loved since you are a kid you have to try and enjoy it and not get too uptight.

I think I have been guilty of that this season but when you keep getting yourself in good positions and then your putting let's you down as has happened to me too often it can be difficult to stay optimistic.

I experimented with the belly putter last week and it was fine in practise but on the course it just wasn't working. I scrapped it after my first round of 77 and would have got rid of it even earlier if I could.

The problem is a confidence one and if I can hole a few I think it will come right with the conventional putter.

There's still plenty of tournaments left but I must start challenging again and quickly.

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